Pakistan Science Club Timeline Year / Event


Pilot project science club at Sarfaraz Pilot Higher Secondary School

  • After School Science Club
  • Inter-school Science exhibition visited by 2500+ visitors
  • More than 50 projects.
  • Mega projects, Hovercraft


Association with likeminded people (Co-founder: Ammar and more) that lead to the conceptualization of Pakistan Science Club.

  • Second Exhibition
  • Mega Project, Robot
  • First project made with (PSC Founder) Abdul Rauf’s consultancy won the Science Fair


Meeting with students at Inter board Science Exhibition. Conceptualization of Pakistan Science Club.

  • Projects making like Wind Turbine
  • Preplanning and meetings for developing a platform for Science Enthusiasts.
  • Chalked plan for setting up Pakistan Science Club.


Science Club Initiated

  • Science club inaugurated with the name of Pakistan Science Club on August 8, 2008 at Korangi4 Karachi.
  • First YouTube Science Channel for Pakistan Science Club launched
  • Pakistan’s First Science Club’s Website had been launched.
  • Science Club’s aims objectives had been made public.
  • Ceiling Fan wind turbine project made at PSC.
  • Basic Science, Physics and Chemistry video tutorials published on YouTube channel.


  • Set up temporary office at Contact bridge Computer Center
  • Different experiments done
  • Travel mobile charger invented
  • Voice of America Media Coverage.
  • Kids from locality involved in experiments and projects


  • 1st meeting
  • 1st Summer Science Camp
  • Projects designed for great flood victims in Pakistan
  • 2nd Summer Camp
  • 1st Anniversary Celebration
  • Express News E-Tech Media Coverage
  • President Abdul Rauf, Hassan, Ammar, Sajid Mehmood,Nadeem Khan, Abdul Qadeer, Faisal, Suleman Daood.
  • More than 30 students participated in 1st Summer Science Camp.
  • Habab Idrees Joins in
  • Sir Hammad Joins in.
  • Hassan Joins in.
  • Project: Parabolic Solar Cooker, Bio sand water filter


  • 3rd Summer Camp at DHA
  • 3rd Summer Camp at PSC
  • Online lecture by Bilal Zafar is a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California (USC) in Summer Camps
  • PSC Students’ Coordinator Ammar along with Nasik won GIKI All Pakistan Inter Collages science Fair
  • School Science Club set up at Sarfaraz Pilot Higher Secondary School
  • PSC Project Solar water heater got first prize in Progressive O/A Level school science fair compilation
  • Express News E-TECH Media Coverage Pakistan Science Club's Students building Parabolic Solar cooker 


  •  Al-Fatima School Science and Arts Exhibition, Media Partner PSC
  • GIKI Science Society is now NEW Official Partner/Collaborator of Pakistan Science Club
  • Project making and activities at member school NR School
  • AC (Alternating current) Generator is a idea and design by Abdul Rauf.
  • Pakistan science club has now started an online forum about science and technology.
  • 4th Summer Camp with the name Science Exploring Camp at MITI
  • Mini Biogas Plant by Habab Idrees
  • 4th Summer Camp with the name Science Exploring Camp at Clifton Coaching Center
  • Dhoom tv media coverage for Science Exploring Camp's coverage in Memon Industrial and Technical Institute (MITI)



  • Organised Science Fair at Government Millat School Karachi
  • PSC facilitatd AIT Students to use PSC workshop facility.
  • Senior Project designer Hassan and Students’ Coordinator Sana Participates in NED-sentec with their project Banzene Tower
  • Senior Project designer Hassan and Students’ Coordinator Sana Participates in PAF-KIET SEE13 with their project Banzene Tower
  • PSC Organized 1 day Fun science demonstration at Member School House of knowledge
  • Official Media Partners at National Science and Symposium organized by GIKI Science Society.
  • 5th Summer Science Camp at Government Girls Secondary School Intelligence Sultanabad
  • 5th Summer Science Camp at Clifton Coaching Center
  • 5th Summer Science Camp at Pakistan Science Club Korangi Karachi.
  • Media Partners at EssayCon-13 by Technology Times.
  • Parabolic Solar Cooker rebuilding for Science exhibition project for The Educator School
  • Mechanical Hand by Senior Project designer Hassan made by ICE cream stick.
  • Science Club Activity in Govt boys and girls primary school village Nazeer pura sialkot.
  • utilization of plastic bottles to water Feeder for wild bird


  • Pakistan Science Club President Abdul Rauf Judged Science exhibition at Nasra School Korangi Campus.
  • Pakistan Science Club. training partner of 2nd IEEE, Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Workshop hosted by HIET Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE Karachi Section
  • On this One hundred thousand "Likes" milestone achieved on Official Facebook Fan Page Pakistan Science Club.
  • Team PSC Visited Space family Fair on WSW by SUPARCO
  • PSC Host Habab Idrees qualifies for Intel Science Fair - Sindh Provincial Science Fair 2014
  • Team PSC Participate at SEE-14 PAF-KIET.
  • Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Workshop organized by IEEE Karachi Section and training by PSC President Abdul Rauf at FAST University City Campus
  • 6th Summer Camp Science Summer Camp TechBonanza at CBM City Campus
  • 6th Summer Camp at School of Intelligence
  • Club’s president Abdul Rauf attended the workshop as Educator Panelist in IEEE Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Workshop in Dubai, UAE at The Oberoi, Dubai
  • Pakistan Science Club. organizes fun science experiment demonstration and quiz competition in the scholars academy where more tan 100 students was participate.
  • Fun Science Day Photo Gallery: Fun science day was held in Pakistan science club's member school "The House of Knowledge' Korangi Crossing.
  • PSC media partner with IBA PROBATTLE 2014
  • PSC organizes 1st Water Rocket workshop and Water Rocket competition
  • Pakistan Science Club's team won The City School PAF Chapter Branch Science Olympiad (PAF Intellect'14) Water Rocket Competition and MECHANO-MINDS and also got best team's Award of Science Olympiad.
  • 2nd IEEE Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Workshop
  • On this One hundred thousand "Likes" milestone
  • Family Science Program is organized by Pakistan Science Club at PECHS in collaboration with learn 2 learn academy
  • Affiliation with Makers camp 2014


• PSC Team Member Habab Idrees got top position in Intel national science fair and became delegation to represent Pakistan at Intel international science fair

• Hands-on science activities in KPK at a kickoff ceremony the government of KPK launched a program to initiate outreach and improve the 'image' of education in the province where Pakistan Science Club. Was invited by AlifAilaan for hands-on and fun science activities.

Habab Idrees got 3rd Position in Intel ISEF15 Category Energy Physical

It is a moment of great pride for all of us. Habab Idress has been rewarded with Honorable mention and 3rd prize in "Energy Physical" category at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair held this week in the United States of America.

Habab's project is titled "Multi-Purpose Smart Solar Device" and mentor by President and founder of Pakistan science club Mr. Abdul Rauf ,

  • Alif Ailaan organized a science fair for the students of Pakistan Railway School in Karachi, Sindh, where they participated in various science and astronomy related activities, executed by Pakistan Science Club
  • Pakistan Science Club organizes science and technology summer camp 2015.
  • Pakistan Science Club marks nation's 68th Independence Day and PSC's 6th birthday at PSC head office Karachi in a graceful ceremony. Read more:
  • Pakistan Science Club conducts water rocket making workshop at The Intellect School, Karachi
  • Pakistan Innovation Foundation - PIFMuslim-Science.Com Pakistan Science Club. - are proud to present 'Hands-On Stem' - an evening of experiments, learning, and fun - for young scientists and science enthusiasts of Karachi at Habib University.
  • PresidentPakistan Science Club. trains on ‎hands-on science activities at teacher-in-service program (TISP) organized by ‎IEEE Student Branch Sukkur IBA
  • Team Pakistan Science Club’s all three projects qualify for Intel National Science Fair 2015
  • Pakistan Science Club organizes  Sunday "Science Day"
  • Pakistan Science Club organizes a family fun Science program


Pakistan Science Club generates its own content for science activities. We have broadcasted more than 200 videos from the platform of our video channels and video portals. Our YouTube channel has 8662 subscribers and over 3 million views globally.


Statistic of PSC

 Register members: 1,600

  • Register volunteers: 610

• PSC Website statistic

  • subscribers: 6,000
  • Visitors: 100,000 /M
  • Number of hands on activities posts : 300

• PSC’s YouTube statistic

  • subscribers: 11,260
  • Numbers of Videos: 309
  • Total views: 3,251,332
  • Facebook Fans: 277,010

No of Peoples where facilitated by PSC 2006 to 2014

Founded in 2008 by the Abdul Rauf, PSC has grown from an informal science education program offered in one school classroom to street that has provided over 10,000 children teachers and parents.

Last page update time: 2 January 2016 

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